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Taekwondo: Dan Grade Poomse

Contrarily to what it is thought, black belts are not experienced in Tae Kwon Do.
As master Park Sun Jae says: once achieved the black belt "years of hard job and study will give before being able to be considered an expert or a master".

Rank advancement for a first dan black belt is due to the study and the knowledge of the Dan Grade Poomse

Korio (Korea)
This form crosses a diagram in the shape of a cross with a base. Korio comes his name from the ancient korean dynasty that reigned between 918 and 1392 A.C., which gives the name to the country. During the Korio kingdom, were created the homonym ceramics of inestimable value, and the mongolian were defeated.
It represents the korean people resolution in their struggle against mongolian.

Keumgang (Diamond)
This form crosses a diagram in the shape of a trident (Chinese has an ideogram of the same form that means mountain). The original meaning of Keumgang was: "too strong to be broken". The most beautiful mountain of Korea has been called Keumgang Sam, while the diamond, the hardest material known, has been called Keumgang Seok. It represent the diamond strength and the greatness and beauty of the homonym mountain.

Taebaek (Light)
This form crosses a diagram in the shape of the second Korean ideogram of the word Tae placed horizontally. A mithological story tells that Korea was founded in the mountain chain of Taebaek, now called Baekdoo and sacred for the Korean people.

Pyongwon (Plain)
This form crosses a diagram in the shape of a straight line. It symbolizes plain, sustenance of all human beings.
Philosophical meaning: Tae Kwon Do as philosophy of life.

Sip Jin (Ten)
This form crosses a diagram in the shape of a cross, a symbol that in Chinese language means 10. In Sip Jin the number ten symbolizes endless growth effected by systematic and orderly rules.

Jitae (Earth)
This form crosses a diagram T-shaped which means Earth. It symbolizes life, particularly in its strong and prosperous side. According to the oriental belief, all living things come from and return to the earth. The earth is indeed the origin and end of life.

Cheonkwon (Sky)
This form crosses a diagram in the shape of an overturned T that means Sky. It symbolizes the infinite and mysterious space.
Philosophical meaning: a world of imagination in the eyes of finite human beings.

Hansoo (Water)
This form crosses a diagram to form a vertical line overlapped by an X. It symbolizes the water, source of life, his strenght and his adaptability to every shape and temperatures.
Philosophical meaning: man's adaptabilty to every life situation.

Ilyo (Oneness)
This form crosses the diagram like a sun. By a mystical side Ilyo can be seen like as the balance between the body and the mind.
Philosophical meaning: the achievement of the internal peace

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