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The Korean flag

Bandiera CoreanaThe philosophical meaning of korean flag must be sought in the oriental philosophy of the Eum Yang (Yin and Yang in Chinese language).

Yin and Yang, in korean flag, are symbolized by two parts, red and blue, inside a circle called Taeguk (also the flag is often called in this way), representing the contrast and the universal harmony.

The white background of the flag symbolizes the peace.

The four trigrams (called Kwen in Korean) outside the circle symbolize, by their position, elements in opposition between them: on the left and right side on the top there is respectively Heaven and Water, while on the left and right side on the bottom we have Fire and Earth.

It doesn't surprise that Koreans often love to define the symbol of their nation as "the flag of the great opposite" if we consider the philosophical background that undergo his origin.

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