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Taekwondo's Arbitrage and Refereeing Officials

In this section we introduce an excerpt of the official World Tae Kwon Do Federation competition rules.

Refereeing Officials

All competitions are directed from a referee, four judges, two jurors, a timekeeper and commission doctor associated to the WTF.


- Shall inspect contestants before the beginning of the match
- Shall declare start and end of the match
- Shall inflict warnings and penalties
- Shall communicate the awarded points or disqualifications
- Shall signal prohibited acts
- Shall stop the contest and the recorded time if necessary
- Shall watch over contestants safety
- Shall collect score cards at the end of each round

Decisions taken by the referees and judges shall be unanimous and checked by the Competition Supervisory Board.


- Shall take place in every square of the competition area
- Shall take note of awarded points, warnings and disqualifications
- Shall mark the valid points and the winner on the score cards
- Shall deliver score cards to the referee at the end of each round

Competition Supervisory Board

- Shall consult with the referee and judges if necessary
- Shall verify score cards and to signal irregularities
- Shall declare the winner on the basis of the points scored by the majority of the judges.
- Shall replace the referee or a judge if their performance is not satisfactory
- Shall deliver score cards to the the Competition Supervisory Board in case of protest


- Shall time the contest
- Shall record and announce the total score


Records keeper
- Shall make note of official decisions

Commission Doctor

- Shall check the weight of contestants in accordance with the rules

For further information about World Taekwondo Federation Competition Rules, go to the section competitions on this web site.

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