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Taekwondo's Competitions

Dimensions of competition area

In the international and Olympic championships, the competition area shall measure 8x8 meters (64 mqs), while the area surrounding it, called safety zone, shall measure 12x12 meters (124 mqs).

In the regional competitions and those of smaller importance, the dimension of the area of fight can be of 6x6 meters (36 mqs) and the safety area of 8x8 meters (64 mqs).

The surface of fight has to perfectly be plain and covered of wood or other material approved by the WTF.

Contestant Uniform and Protective Equipment

Fighters shall wear a standard white dobok of the WTF. It shall be clean, not torn and brought in appropriate way. Colored decorations, sleeves and trousers are not admitted to be rolled up.

The contestants shall wear protections approved by the WTF: head protector, trunk protector, forearm guards, white shin guards and groin guard. Finger-nails and toe-nails shall be cut and long hair shall be knots. Metallic objects like jewels, clocks, rings, etc., cannot be worn during the competition. This prohibition also refers to glasses.

Competitors will have care of one's own personal hygiene.
The use of drugs or chemical subtances is not allowed, before and after competition.

Permitted Areas

The only valid scoring areas are:
- The Trunk (throath excluded)
- The head (only foot techniques are permitted)

Valid scores

Awarding scores is permitted only with fist and foot techniques on valid scoring areas of the body and the strike must be delivered with sufficient power.

Invalidation of points

The points scored by a contestant shall be annulled if he make use of prohibited acts such as:
- To grab the adversary
- To lose one's balance
- To attack intentionally after the Referee's declaration of break


Knock Down

When a contestant is staggering and showing no intention to continue the match
When any part of the body, apart from feet, touches the ground due to opponent's attack

Knock Out

When a fighter doesn't continue the match after the ten seconds counting of the Refereee

Suspending the match
- When the Referee or the Commission Doctor decide that the fight cannot continue
- When the coach throws in the sponge to stop the meeting
- When a contestant does not accept a referee's decision and does not demonstrate the will to continue the contest after one minute


The winner of the match is declared:
- By disqualification of the opponent
- By withdrawal
- By injure
- By K.O.
- By final score
- By superiority
- By referee's punitive declaration

Rules of Superiority

In the event of a tied score the winner will be proclaimed on superiority shown during the match by using difficult and complex techniques like foot techniques (jumping kick, face kick, counterattacks) rather than hand techniques.
If superiority cannot be decided by any of the above criterion then it shall be awarded to the competitor displaying the best competition manner.

Juniores Competitions - Safety Rules

Caution shall be observed with kicking technique on the facial area:
- Techniques shall be effected with the maximum care
- Point will be awarded only in the case of a light contact no causing injury
- Light injury to the facial area will cause deduction of one point
- Disqualification is expected if the contact kick don't allow opponent to continue the fight
- All decisions will be taken after consultation among referee, judges and commision doctor.

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