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Taekwondo's philosophy

Tae Kwon Do's principal goal as martial art is helping people to reach the inner peace and morally educate them to develop an indomitable and courtesy character.

It's for this reason that it cannot be understood only as a physical exercise or a defensive and attacking technique, but it has to represent a lifestyle, a way of looking at thinghs.

Tae Kwon Do training develops self-Confidence, self-control, sincerity and faith. Without them there is no place for the inner peace in the life of the individual.

An importante place in the achievement of better results are steadiness in training and the figure of instructor.

Below some of the norms concerning the code of behavior of a good apprentice of Tae Kwon Do and his relationships with his instructors.

1. Never getting tired learning
2. Sacrifice yourself for Tae Kwon Do (take part to the demonstrations, work for your school)
3. Be an example for the lower belts, exploiting their desire of emulation
4. Always observe an upright behavior
5. Do not use techniques disapproved of your instructor.
6. Respect your instructor and Tae Kwon Do
7. Always trust in own's mean and in the instructor 's teachings

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