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What is Taekwondo

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art characterized by a more large use of kicking techniques compared with those of the other known martial arts.

The whole meaning of the term is done by the union of the three words Tae, Kwon and Do:

Tae (pron. = tè): means "to kick or to smash with the foot " or also "to jump."

Kwon (pron. = kuon): means "fist", "to punch or destroy with the fist".

Do (pron. = Do): means " the "art" or "the way of"..

Tae Kwon Do is written in different ways ("Taekwondo", "Taekwon-do" or "T'aegwondo) and there are also different variations on the formal definition: for some schools it means " the art of the feet and the hands"; for others the "art of of kicking and punching".

In its widest and more reliable meaning Tae Kwon Do is the "Art (or the way) of striking with punches and jumping kicks".

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